William P. – May 2013

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I came to The River Source because my life had become an unmanageable nightmare. I was losing things that I had worked very hard for before addiction. My life had become stagnant. I was on hold the last 9 years, it felt like one never ending day. My life had lost all meaning and purpose; I had stopped working towards the goals that I had set for myself long ago, even though they were very attainable. I chose The River Source because the IOP I was at gave me several choices of treatment centers, and they explained they had witnessed great success. My experience at The River Source was amazing I came in with very low expectations of myself because I had tried many times before. I was very excited when I began attending groups because all the staff is so passionate. The enthusiasm they possess is very contagious. So I could not help but to take my recovery serious and jump feet first into it. I now have hope in my life as well as confidence that I can be successful and happy in a sober life. I would absolutely recommend The River Source because I have witnessed so many miracles here that it is impossible for me to think of anything negative to say.


William P.