Zeek Z. – January 2013

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What brought you to The River Source? I have/had a very bad problem with alcohol, my life was going nowhere fast, and so I decided it was time to get help. Why did you choose The River Source? My father looked it up on the internet then called, liked what he heard, and brought me here. I’m very glad he chose River Source, it saved my life. What was your experience like at The River Source? My experience was everything I expected and more, I no longer feel like using. How did The River Source help you? The River Source gave me the tools to maintain my sobriety. What is your life like now? My life is looking bright now; I have so much to look forward to and doing those things sober. Would you recommend The River Source? I would most definitely recommend The River Source to everyone. Anything else you would like to say? Thank you for giving me my life back.

Zeek Z. 1/16/13