Rehab Centers In Arizona

Looking into rehab centers in Arizona? The River Source offers a Recovery Guarantee for the successful completion of 90 days of inpatient treatment or their full continuum of care. For exceptional peace of mind, call The River Source at 888-687-7332 or visit online to learn more about their recovery programs. The River Source accepts most insurance plans. Rehab Centers In Arizona

Chiropractic Louisville

Synergy Injury Care
825 S 6th St
Louisville KY 40203 US

If you’re hurt after an auto accident, call the leading center for chiropractic in Louisville at 502-561-7000. The trained medical staff from Synergy Injury Care will walk you through the steps of getting the medical attention your injuries warrant and the financial recompense you deserve. Pick up the phone and call Synergy for top notch medical care.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Ringwood
Let your anxiety melt away in the sensory deprivation tank in Ringwood and find out how floatation therapy can benefit you. If you’re not seeing results from your current treatment, it may be time to see what float therapy can do to relieve stress and anxiety. Try an affordable float treatment at Urban Float- you won’t be sorry.