Recruiting Individuals for True Success

The River Source recognizes the importance of having a well managed after care plan for individuals who have graduated from a 30, 60 and or 90-day program at our facility. We also understand that an individual’s after care needs may include employment services. Therefore, we are able to offer employment resources through RIFT SUCCESS.

RIFT SUCCESS, LLC is a premier staffing and recruiting agency headquartered in New York with representatives throughout the US, Serbia, India, and Norway. They pride themselves  on their abilities to create a synergy between job seekers and employers. Their recruiting department goes the extra mile to ensure that all of their job seekers find the perfect job and the ideal career. Although RIFT SUCCESS specializes in workforce reentry for the ex-incarcerated community, they also extend their services to individuals who have had a hard time re-entering the workforce because of substance related issues.

Upon graduation, patients who are interested in job placement can fill out and complete the RIFT SUCCESS Career Center Application Form.  While patients are waiting for someone from the RIFT SUCCESS recruiting department to contact them, they can be proactive in their job search and check out the thousands of jobs on the easy to navigate RIFT SUCCESS Job Board.

RIFT SUCCESS believes in providing individuals with a second chance.