Nutritional Education is Important for Recovering Addicts

There is much documented research on the nutritional deficiencies that can result from substance abuse. Addiction to opiates affects the gastrointestinal tract and can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and loss of fluids and electrolytes. Alcoholism causes deficiencies in vitamin B6, folic acid, and thiamine, which results in anemia and neurological problems. In addition, alcohol abuse damages the pancreas and liver, which can cause problems with protein, sugar and electrolyte regulation. Addiction to meth, crack, and cocaine reduces the appetite, which means that an addict loses a great deal of weight, neglecting proper nutrition. In order for an addict to overcome her substance issues, she needs the strength and physical functioning of her body. The River Source addresses these issues with outpatient nutritional counseling and short-term nutritional counseling.

As a patient, you can receive nutritional therapy as well as education. Our clinicians will provide B-12 shots to combat anemia, and IV infusions of vitamins and minerals to counteract your body’s deficiencies. In addition, nutritional education is available to help addicts take charge of their physical health. Many substance abusers have spent so long pursuing their addictions that they possess no concept of proper nutrition. The  nutritional education you receive from our clinicians will give you a great start on eating properly to combat the damage done to your body. In order to withstand the challenges of withdrawal and sobriety, you need to feel physically strong.

Even without the nutritional deficiencies from addiction, the large majority of people do not eat properly. Since their bodies are not challenged with substance abuse, they can manage to carry out many of their responsibilities. Those who add addiction to their lives take nutritional deficiency to a level that can be life threatening. This is the reason that nutritional education is so important.

The River Source offers nutritional therapy as one component of its holistic treatments.