Faith Based Programs For Addiction Treatment

The faith based recovery program is a new program addition to the The River Source, a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation network in Arizona. This program was created for persons who wish to continue to deepen their spirituality while in treatment. While the program primarily attracts individuals looking for Christian based rehab, it is a self-directed program where clients can work at their own pace and can customize the track to their own belief system. The self-directed study materials that participants will receive can be utilized through the entire continuum of addiction treatment, including at the residential level of care, partial hospitalization level, and intensive outpatient level.

Why Choose A Faith Based Recovery Program?

Today, more than 10 million people in this country have become addicted to drugs or alcohol regardless of race, culture, or religion. Persons seeking treatment may have maintained a strong relationship with their faith and would like to continue to maintain and deepen their spirituality during the recovery process. Patients may also want to regain a relationship with their faith that has “gotten lost” during their addiction. Patients also may want to learn and explore new spiritual practices to add to their recovery. Deepening or creating a spiritual connection for most people is considered one of the important aspects of the recovery process. While not all clients will choose the faith based option, there are many reasons to consider choosing a faith based recovery program to individualize treatment. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 reasons:

  1. Extended Spiritual Support – Spirituality is the key ingredient to contentment and a purposeful and meaningful life. A faith based component can deepen this experience.
  2. Acceptance – Acceptance of the individual is critical, even in light of unacceptable behaviors. When dealing with the fundamental value and worth of a human being, there is no room for anything but acceptance.
  3. Presence – Presence or feeling present is perhaps the most rewarding but demanding task of recovery. Presence also requires checking ego at the door. Spiritual work rewards clients with feeling present in their own lives.
  4. Spiritual Care – Spiritual attention is intrinsic to healthcare and the well-being of an individual affected by the disease of addiction. Spirituality can help a person’s heart and soul rather than always relying on their practical, logical side, or even strictly “physical world” solutions.
  5. Relieve Stress – In many ways spirituality can help decrease anxiety and tension that comes along with one’s addiction(s) through loyalty & trustworthiness developed in spiritual practices.
  6. Spiritual Growth & Development – Spiritual development helps to improve ones’s outlook on life on an incremental basis by exploring new options and learning new things
  7. Exploration of individuality – With proper spirituality, some people may save years of their life by confronting their spiritual side instead of trying to numb, enhance, or recreate it with alcohol or other drugs.
  8. Encouragement – Spirituality used in moments of deep feeling or matters of the heart can offer greater peace with yourself, with others, and with your God.
  9. Integrative Approach – Spirituality supports and augments The River Source’s mission to provide a full continuum of care treatment to enable patients to achieve their highest levels of functioning, independence, and performance.
  10. Improved Quality of Life – Incorporating spirituality and religion during recovery can enhance treatment outcomes and supports the journey of life long recovery.

Our hope is that the faith based recovery program can be individualized for each person’s needs so they may deepen their relationship with spirituality and their recovery process.

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