Our Holistic Outpatient Treatment Program Sets You Up for Success

It is likely that you have heard about holistic health, but you may be unfamiliar with holistic outpatient treatment. Holistic practices address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. It is especially important for addiction treatment because addicts can relapse if all of their needs are not addressed during treatment. For example, if the physical addiction is treated, but the emotional and spiritual gaps are left as is, the person can easily go back to substance abuse when they feel stressed. The River Source provides holistic outpatient rehab to address all of the needs that cause addiction.

To treat the physical components of addiction, our clinicians administer infrared sauna treatments to remove from your body the toxins generated by alcohol or drug abuse. At the same time, our practitioners replace important nutrients and minerals in your body through IV therapy. Your only concern during your addiction was how to get your next hit, not how to get proper nutrition. Most addicts have nutritional deficiencies that need to be healed if they are to have the strength to stay clean. Often, our clinicians will instruct patients in proper exercise and yoga techniques to improve strength and flexibility, and resistance to stress. They can also administer acupuncture to improve healing.

Our holistic outpatient treatment program also treats stress with therapy and counseling. Addicts usually turn to substance abuse to fill a missing emotional need. Through one-on-one counseling, group counseling and family therapy, patients gain a better understanding of the emotional stressors that drive them to escape through drugs or alcohol. Therapists will also provide them with coping skills to resist the urge to escape. Complementing these skills is our use of biofeedback, which teaches our holistic outpatient rehab clients how to calm their minds.

Finally, our holistic outpatient treatment uses the 12-step program to provide a spiritual component to healing. Patients learn about accepting a higher power into their lives, however they may choose to define that power. It provides a perspective that is much bigger than themselves and supports their acceptance of themselves as people with strengths and weaknesses.

As you can see, our holistic outpatient rehab program is comprehensive and offers better chance of long-term success.