Drug Rehab Day Program & 12 Step Program with Workshop

Day Treatment Outpatient Program – Mesa, ArizonaIn addition to being a viable option for patients whose schedules are open during regular business hours, The River Source’s day treatment program is a much-needed alternative to 24-hour-a-day inpatient care.

Although many of our patients tend to receive outpatient services in the evening, our downtown Mesa, Arizona outpatient facility also is open five days a week during traditional business hours for those who want or need day treatment options. Our day treatment outpatient program is the perfect option for those who either recently completed an inpatient rehab program or simply need help but are unable to commit to the restrictions of inpatient care.

Day Treatment Procedures in our Outpatient Facility

The River Source’s day treatment model includes a wide range of services for individuals trying to begin or maintain recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. At our Mesa outpatient facility, some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily accountability groups
  • Educational lectures
  • 12-step meetings
  • Life skill workshops
  • Working with a sponsor
  • Naturopathic treatments
    • B-12 shots
    • Nutritional IV bags
    • Acupuncture

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Outpatient Family Education Sessions

The River Source’s day treatment outpatient program also features a family education component that addresses the issues substance abuse has caused the loved ones of each patient. These family education sessions are designed to assist each patient in setting healthy boundaries. When patients and their families participate in a multi-family group setting at our Mesa outpatient facility, we have seen that the activity helps bring healing and generates a better understanding of what recovery is all about.

Substance Abuse Admission into the Day Program

Patients who have finished an inpatient program often need a daily structured recovery environment with full-time support in order to transition back into their normal day-to-day lives, and this is exactly where our partial day program comes in. Whether beginning outpatient treatment right after our residential program or starting directly with outpatient care, we take each patient and assess their addiction symptoms and recovery needs. We then build a customized treatment plan that works around the patient’s schedule.

The River Source strives to provide effective care at reasonable rates to anyone seeking treatment, which is why we work with most major insurances to make the venture affordable for our patients. The River Source has been building a reputation as one of the leading addiction treatment providers since 2003 with a goal of helping each client heal mentally, physically and spiritually.

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