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A residential recovery program exclusively for women is the newest offering from The River Source, a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Arizona.

Women only Drug Rehab Center Arizona

Why Choose The River Source Women Only Drug Rehab Program?

Today, more than 4 million women in this country have an alcohol or drug addiction. become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Women of all ages, races and cultures.

Our Addiction treatment Designed for women ages 18 and over, The River Source Women Drug Rehab Program is designed to meet unique biological, psychological, social, and familial needs that can differ from men that have experienced alcohol and drug abuse.

There are many reasons to choose our residential women’s only drug rehab and alcohol treatment program located in Arizona City, Arizona but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 here:

  1. Amazing Location – We strategically chose Arizona because of its year round warm weather, sunny skies and breathtaking views.
  2. Our Recovery Guarantee – In addition to our affordable rates, we also have a sobriety guarantee, something that most other drug rehab centers for women don’t offer. We are so successful in what we do, we’re able to offer a guarantee and promote it to those who choose us. If a resident completes our 90-day program and relapses for any reason within a 12-month period or completes our full continuum of care, they may return to our center for an appropriate recovery program at no charge.
  3. Our affordable pricing options – Generally speaking, private treatment is never considered affordable. One call to The River Source, and you’ll see that we’re different. Not only do we accept most insurance carriers, but also we have financing options available to those who qualify. We are one of the most affordable drug rehab centers for women in the entire country, and our monthly cost goes down with subsequent months. Pricing also includes most therapies, including IV therapy. We feel that if someone wants treatment, they deserve to get it.
  4. Family and children support – Addiction is not something that is limited to the individual addict. It affects everyone – family members, coworkers, neighbors and the community at large. We work closely with the families of our patients with two goals in mind. First, we want to offer support for the family unit. Second, we want to educate family members on the nature of addiction and how they can be positive influences in there loved one’s recovery.
  5. Eliminates the distractions of Co-ed – Studies show that women are more likely to complete a treatment program of a single gender environment & it leads to more enjoyable environment with camaraderie. No need to impress anyone with your behavior or wardrobe. This allows the individual to dress down, be themselves and focus 100% on their recovery – healing from the inside out!
  6. Pregnant women’s track – Designed to help expecting mothers – our pregnancy track offers a safe, comfortable drug rehab treatment environment for women to experience recovery at a pace appropriate for their needs. We are dedicated to helping women become the mothers they aspire to be!
  7. Gender specific topics – It is common for people with substance abuse issues to have co-occurring disorders. Women are more likely to struggle with mood disorders like depression and anxiety. While men on the other hand, are more likely to have behavioral issues such as oppositional defiant disorder or attention deficit disorder. A gender specific program allows groups to reflect the needs of a specific gender.
  8. Our quaint and comfortable facility – Our women only rehab center is cozy and intimate, essentially the complete opposite of traditional women drug rehab facilities. We have comfy lounge areas, courtyards, dining areas and landscaped grounds. We keep things on a home-like level with hanging artwork, bright lighting and modern decor. When our clients feel safe and comfortable, they can transition into their recovery easier.
  9. Integrative medical approach tailored for women’s health – The River Source drug treatment for women utilizes an integrative approach that combines traditional medical detox with a holistic 12-step program and naturopathic treatments to successfully help individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction achieve long term recovery. By treating the whole person, we work to identify the root cause of the addiction and then begin to heal and restore balance – physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  10. Sanctuary / Safe Haven – Medical professionals have found that women with substance abuse problems have often been the victims of physical or sexual abuse. Female trauma victims use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their pain. A gender specific treatment program allows women to discuss their traumatic experience in a comfortable setting. Oftentimes, in a mix-gender setting both males and females are reluctant or too embarrassed to share their experiences. The River Source is a Safe Haven for women to get the help they need.

More On Our Arizona City Women’s Only Residential Rehab Program

Our rehab for women features such amenities as a yoga ramada, outdoor fire pit, volleyball court, indoor lounge area with TV and much more. The interior of the facility was specifically given a home-like feel, and the desert-landscaped backyard is conducive for relaxation and daily meditations.

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