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Our alcohol and drug rehab center in Tucson, Arizona employs an integrated approach where we focus on treating the whole person rather than just the addiction. By coupling traditional medical detox with our holistic 12-step program and various naturopathic treatments, we have successfully helped thousands of patients who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction.

Our specialists customize treatment plans to each individual and give them the tools to continue their sobriety once they have completed one of our drug rehab programs. By focusing on the root cause of their addiction, we are able to help each patient heal and restore their physical, spiritual and mental balance.

At The River Source, we offer our patients a unique approach to recovery in a safe and understanding environment. With so many unaffordable drug rehab centers, we provide the most affordable addiction treatment in Tucson and are committed to our patients’ recovery process.

Our Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Tucson Offers the Following:

Unlike other treatment centers in Tucson, we offer diversified programs to fit the needs of each patient who commits to treatment at The River Source. All of our rehabilitation programs are equally as successful and it depends on each patient’s specific case when determining which treatment option is best.

From our inpatient treatment program to our addiction counseling sessions, we customize each patient’s treatment plan to ensure the greatest chance of success. Our wide range of offerings include detox treatment, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, 12-Step Program, addiction counseling sessions, holistic treatment, and our continuing care program.

One of the most important programs we offer is the Continuing Care Program. Addiction is a lifelong battle and here at The River Source we give our patient’s strategies to stay successful in their sobriety journey.

We provide comprehensive treatment plans for our patient’s so that once they leave The River Source they are prepared for all of the temptations of the real world. These plans include sobriety checks, 12 Step meetings, and ongoing therapy sessions. Our goal is to reduce the risk of relapse and watch our patient’s live healthy and prosperous lives, addiction free. If you or a family member is struggling with substance abuse, give us a call today and to learn about our Tucson rehabilitation center.

Addiction Treatment Tucson

At our Tucson rehab center, we offer real treatment that produces real results. We know that our integrated treatment approach to addiction works and we even guarantee it. Individuals who fully commit themselves to recovery at The River Source and complete a three-month inpatient or full continuum of care program will receive a recovery guarantee.

If you relapse anytime within 12 months after your complete your treatment, you can return to The River Source for a 30 day individualized treatment program at not cost. All you have to do is give us a call and we will put a treatment plan in place for your recovery. Why do we offer this recovery guarantee? Because our program is tested and delivers proven results for individuals struggling with addiction. Call us today to learn about our recovery guarantee and to start your addiction treatment in Tucson, Arizona.

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