Our Residential and Outpatient Schedules and Meeting Lists

If you are looking for more details on what to expect while in treatment, our schedule and meeting lists will help you understand what a typical day can include.

Below you will find a list of the schedules, per facility. On the individual pages you can also download or print a PDF version. Please note that schedules do change periodically, so please check back for updates or call us for more details.

Addiction Treatment Program Schedules By Facility

Inpatient Adult Program Schedule

Outpatient Adult Program Schedule

A Typical Day In Addiction Treatment

Although each program is unique and treatment varies per facility, all of our addiction treatment services are holistic and built around proven methods. Below is an example of what a typical day might consist of while an individual is in residential treatment.

  • Early Morning 12 Step Meeting
  • Time To Clean Your Room
  • Breakfast
  • Medication
  • Other Chores
  • Yoga
  • Process Group
  • Lunch
  • Lecture
  • Gender Groups
  • 12 Steps Group
  • Exercise or a Walk
  • Dinner
  • Electronics
  • Back To Basics Meeting
  • Evening Review
  • Snack
  • Lights Out

Please click the links above to see specific times and other details.

Healing Begins When You Call
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