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We’re proud to offer individualized treatment and comprehensive therapies at every point along the full Continuum of Care, using a holistic approach to help our clients heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From detox and inpatient detox to several levels of outpatient treatment and a lifetime alumni program, we empower our clients with the strength, courage, and conviction they need to reclaim their life.

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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

While we strongly recommend the full continuum of treatment to new clients, we know that some people have less time to give to their substance abuse recovery, and we offer multiple levels of treatment. Our Full Continuum of Care is comprised of detox, men’s and women’s residential inpatient programs, PHP, traditional and telehealth IOP, aftercare planning, and our lifetime alumni program. 

Detox & Inpatient Rehab

Drug and alcohol detox cleanses the body of addictive substances and lays the groundwork for the rest of the rehab treatment. Our team takes this time to learn each client’s history, living situation, and interactions with substance abuse so that we can individualize their treatment plan. Most alcohol and drug detox includes a withdrawal period of more intense symptoms, which our licensed medical team supervises to help manage side effects.

During men’s inpatient and women’s inpatient programming, clients participate in on-site, 24-hour residential care. This is when clients spend the most time engaged with our recovery services. Clients also get a chance to participate in holistic and mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation to help them stay strong and grounded through inpatient treatment. 

Outpatient Treatment Programs: PHP, IOP, Telehealth IOP

We offer a step-down approach to recovery where clients move from detox and inpatient to our various outpatient treatment programs, including partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and our online IOP option. In PHP, we offer many of the same services as we do during inpatient programming, from specialized therapies to group work to holistic treatments, but clients participate in them for 6.5 hours per day before returning to their home or a structured sober living facility at night.

In IOP, clients participate in our services and workshops three days a week, with a greater focus on practical life and coping skills, and relapse prevention. IOP is largely about ensuring that our clients stay in control as they return to their lives or build new ones outside our facility. Remote telehealth IOP offers the same breadth and quality of IOP for clients who need care on a more flexible basis. 

Aftercare Planning & Lifetime Alumni

Recovery is an ongoing process, and part of rehab is making sure that clients know where to turn for help after treatment ends. While aftercare planning discussions occur early on in the recovery process, they become a higher point of focus towards the end of rehab, helping make sure that our clients have a plan for their living situation, their career, and the next steps in their recovery journey.

We worked directly with graduates of our programming to create our lifetime alumni program to help make sure that no one has to feel isolated in recovery. Our alumni stand together and stay connected through meetings and workshops, online groups and events, resource sharing, and compassionate support. Alumni also have access to a 24/7 alumni phone number. 

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Our Addiction Recovery Services

We help our clients analyze themselves, reconnect with the world, and find peace in our drug and alcohol rehab center through supportive addiction recovery services like one-on-one substance abuse counseling, group therapy, family education, 12 Step involvement, naturopathic therapies, co-occurring disorder treatment, and specialized treatment tracks.


Individual Counseling

Our licensed substance abuse counselors guide clients in individual counseling to unpack their addiction and find healthier ways to live fulfilling lives. Clients learn accountability, but also forgiveness, as they develop a better understanding of themselves and work toward their brighter future. 


Group Therapy

Group therapy offers many different perspectives and opportunities to discuss experiences in recovery with peers who understand. Participants share their experiences, offer insight and support, and help find meaningful solutions to each other’s problems in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. 


Family Education

Our family counseling and education services are led by a team of experienced specialists who know how to foster productive communication between family members and friends harmed by addiction. Our goal is to help clients and their loved ones clear up blame and guilt to instead focus on making amends and progress. 


12-Step Principles

The 12 Steps have become standards in many rehab programs, proven to help clients become accountable for themselves and their peers. We use 12-Step principles to provide important routines and structures to our clients’ lives that they can call upon any time they need to in the future. 


Naturopathic Therapies

In addition to essential evidence-based treatments, we provide naturopathic therapies that we’ve seen firsthand make a difference in our clients’ health, comfort, and success in recovery. These include nutritional IV and oral vitamin therapies, massage, meditation, acupuncture, dry sauna therapies, and more. 


Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

co-occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis, is when a substance use disorder is accompanied by another mental illness like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Both issues require individual attention but are best served by our specialized therapy that finds how they feed into each other and helps to disentangle them. 


Special Treatment Tracks

Every client has their own needs, and in addition to providing individualized treatment for every client’s unique circumstances, we also offer several specialty treatment tracks. These programming options include a specialized pregnancy track, Native American culture track, and trauma-focused care. 

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Substance Abuse Treatment Near Tucson

Our substance abuse treatment center proudly serves the greater Tucson, AZ area, including Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Benson, Catalina Foothills, Valencia West, Corona De Tucson, Vail, Drexel-Alvernon, Littletown, South Tucson, Flowing Wells, Tortolita, Tanque Verde, and the surrounding areas.

Clients in the latter half of our programming obtain greater freedom, and we’re excited for them to see everything Tucson has to offer. Whether they’re engaging in the many festivals that Tucson puts on, enjoying Tucson’s multitude of museums, or exploring the serene Tucson Botanical Gardens and captivating scenery of the Sonoran Desert, we want clients to be able to experience Tucson’s rich culture with a clear head and a healthy mindset. 

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